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REGENiGROW™ Biostimulant (1 gal, 1 qt)

REGENiGROW™ Biostimulant (1 gal, 1 qt)

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REGENiGROW™ liquid soil amendment contains micronutrients and biostimulants that support plant immune systems and accelerates growth. Bundle of 1 quart bottle & 1 gallon bottle.

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REGENiGROW™ Product Overview

REGENiGROW™ is a powerful biostimulant designed to enhance plant growth and health by working with the plant’s natural biology. Perfect for home gardeners and those growing medicinal plants, REGENiGROW™ offers a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers, promoting healthier plants and a healthier environment.

Transform your garden with REGENiGROW™ – for healthier plants and a healthier planet.

  • Key Benefits:

    Improves Plant Health: Rapid recovery and new growth, even under stress conditions like heat waves and droughts.

    Boosts Yields: Noticeable improvements in plant growth and early harvests.

    Sustainable: Shifts away from chemical products, supporting carbon-negative Earth Regenerators.

    Versatile Use: Effective on a variety of plants, including houseplants, garden plants, herbs, and medicinal plants.

  • Usage Instructions:

    Mixing: Use a quarter cup of REGENiGROW™ per gallon of water.

    Application: Apply around the base of plants and in hanging baskets. Incorporate into your regular watering schedule for best results.

    Foliar application: Mix 1/2 cup of filtered REGENiGROW™ to 1 gallon of chlorine free water. Spray on the plant leaves.

Customer Testimonial

“I ordered a gallon of REGENiGROW™ and the difference in my garden and flowers in just a week is mind-blowing. After applying it, everything perked up and showed new growth within days. My tomatoes are already ready for harvest!”